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Did someone say HOLO?!

Holographic nails have been at the top of nail art fashion for about a year now and it’s easy to see why! They’re eye catching and suitable for all year round wear – looking just as funky round the pool in summer as they do round the tree at Christmas. They’re also an instagrammers dream, the social media feed is chock full of mesmerising nailfies glimmering away in the sun!

So, how do you get holographic nails? Powders are still the most common way to get the futuristic look and it’s a several step process that involves gel polish for the powder to “stick” to and some curing under a UV light. Some brands have introduced polishes to cater for the quick’n’easy home DIY manicurist but choose carefully – there’s no technical specification to be labelled as holographic and you might end up with something that’s sparkly or shimmery rather than rainbow like holographic.

You’ll be glad to know then that holographic nails are now just as easy as applying your favourite nail wraps – with the limited edition styles that have just been released by Jamberry! These three wrap options (with a lacquer available in the US, Canada, Australia & New Zealand) will be available until 7 August or while stocks last.

Make your nails a talking point and the envy of your Instagram followers this summer!

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