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The Jamberry show rolls into Edinburgh...

Jamberry might be an American company, but as a consultant, I never feel that we’re too remote here in Scotland. Sure, technology has come a long way and lots of meetings, events and trainings can be done electronically but there’s nothing like real face to face interaction.

It’s with this in mind, on the evening of Thursday 6 July I travelled to Edinburgh for an Area Meeting with Head of UK Sales. Since April 2016, I’ve met with Jamberry staff in Perth, Glasgow and now twice in Edinburgh. It was at the Glasgow meeting last year I got to meet and chat with Jamberry President Jared Richards.

If I’m totally honest, just going to Edinburgh on the train myself is like a nice trip out for me! It’s an hour where I get to sit back, watch the beautiful countryside zoom past and listen to my music uninterrupted. Edinburgh is unsurprisingly busy and bustling on a summer evening and after a quick fuel stop at M&S, I head straight for the meeting venue, which is just off the Royal Mile.

It was lovely to meet with our Head of Sales, as well as other consultants – we have so much contact on Facebook that it was lovely to meet people for real. Whilst we were there to be de-briefed on the announcements made at the international Jamberry conference in Salt Lake City the previous week, it was also a great opportunity to share ideas, ask questions and make suggestions. There’s always a positive atmosphere at the meetings as well as an eagerness to see what manicures everyone else is sporting!

The biggest chat of the evening was around the launch of ColourCure, a new generation of nail polish by Jamberry. Available from 1 August, ColourCure combines the convenience of applying and removing polish with the durability and quality expected from a gel.

A group selfie closed the meeting and I made my way straight back to Waverley. I have to admit my envy of tourists and those having a casual evening out, enjoying a drink outside the Royal Mile’s many watering holes. My frustration at losing my return train ticket and having to buy another was replaced by the satisfaction of another one hour interrupted train journey back to Coatbridge Sunnyside. It was a rare late night out for me, but definitely enjoyable and productive.

My next Jamberry meeting with be the UK conference in Birmingham at the end of September which I can’t wait for. Oh, and a four hour train journey to enjoy!

So, which manicure was I sporting? Cascade of Love wraps with an accent of Tutus & Tiaras gel. I think it’s one of my favourites so far.

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